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We try to pay as much attention as possible to the quality of the content and not to the quantity. Transgender people are like everyone else, they need attention and love. You can find it here.

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Patricia Ontiveros

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Margaret Bagley

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Rebecca Reed

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Kimberly Gonzalez

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Florine Blackshear

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Carol Martinez

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Kimberly Gonzalez

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Carol Martinez

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When I didn’t know who I was, I found all the answers here. I am now a proud transgender person who enjoys life more than ever.
Catherine Kelley
Ever since visiting this blog, I feel confident. My fears are gone. I know who I am. I love my life and spend my time and love as I wish.
Karen Hennessey

I can freely say that you saved my life. Everything is much easier now and I can think about my future. Thank you! You’re the best!
Cassandra Carroll
Transgender people often have problems with sex life. Here I learned some new things, among other things how to enjoy my sex life.
Emma Houchin